Licenses are renewed annually during a two-month period: May 1 – June 30.
    There is a $100 late fee if the renewal occurs after June 30.
    Licenses are active from July 1 – June 30.



    The renewal process is broken into two simple steps:

    • Attestation | A simple process of answering important questions about your readiness to renew. More information BELOW
    • Renewal Payment | A tool that will allow you to update your personal information as well as pay for your renewal based on your license type and status. Your online renewal can be paid by using your credit or debit card via our secure online payment method.
    • CE Capture| A way for you to enter the details of your Continuing Education Credits accumulated over the past year. This is OPTIONAL.

    You will receive your renewal receipt and certificate via email. If your email address needs to be updated please contact the office because you will not be able to update your email address during the renewal process.

    We have recorded a video showing how to use these tools. It is strongly encouraged that you watch this to minimize any mistakes that will cause the delay delivery of your renewal certificate.




    • If you think you have attested in error, you can re-do the attestation at any time.
    • Remember to keep all documentation of training, etc. in case of an audit.
    • Once you have attested and paid, you will be sent an email containing two attachments: 1) Receipt and 2) Renewal Certificate.
    • Please save your Receipt and Renewal Certificate in case you need more copies during the year.


    Arkansas Psychology Board Rules and Regulations, 2009, §9.1. A. Each licensee must complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours of continuing education activity during each licensed renewal period. The defined accrual period is July 01 through June 30 each year. You will attest to having completed 20 CEU’s during renewal.

    Optional Online CEU Reporting

    Online CEU reporting will log your CEU hours into our database for future reference. You will not upload documents. You must keep your documents in case you are audited.

    To optionally submit your Continuing Education online, use the following process:

    1. Go to the online CE collection form | VIEW
    2. Use your license number to access your entry form
    3. Fill out the CE information
    4. Hit the SUBMIT button and enter your next CE
    5. Repeat the process until all CEs have been submitted

    APB rules regarding CEU’s:

    1. Licensees are not required to report CE activity during the year.
    2. Licensees will earn twenty (20) hours of CE activity annually.
    3. The Board will conduct a random audit of our licensees.  If your name is chosen, we will contact you and at that time, the appropriate documents will be required.
    4. Licensees will not submit CE documentation to the Board office, unless we contact you for that information.

    Inactive Status

    Inactive status is an alternative to retirement. You may not practice under inactive status, but upon meeting CEU requirements and payment of fees, you can reinstate your full license.

    To change from Active Status to Inactive Status use this Inactive Status Change Request Form. You may renew online after the form is received in the office and you have been notified.

    If you are currently in Inactive Status, please follow the steps above to renew.

    Pursuant to Rules and Regulations § 9.2.B, persons with voluntarily inactive licenses shall not be required to accumulate CEs during their period of inactivity. However, those persons wishing to re-activate their license must provide evidence of having completed twenty (20) CE hours during the previous license year. Please see Rules and Regulations Section 9.2 for full details.


    If you would like to retire your license and you will not be reactivating it, there is no fee. Please use this Retirement form to make it official.

    Technician Renewals

    Technician registration will expire on June 30 of each year. Renewal period is from May 1 – June 30. A renewal notice and supervision report form will be emailed to each supervising Psychologist. If the supervising Psychologist does not renew the technician’s registration by June 30, the registration will be considered expired. The supervising Psychologist will be held responsible for any technicians practicing with an expired registration.

    Arkansas Psychology Board Rules & Regulations § 7.7 and Chapter 97, Subchapter 4 § 17-97-401 to 17-97-40



    Paper renewal forms can be mailed or emailed to you. Please contact the office.

    Incomplete renewal form submissions will be returned to you and will not be processed until all the necessary documents are received in the Board office. To avoid an incomplete submission and potential late fees, include all forms in the same envelope with your payment. In order to avoid late fees, renewals must be postmarked by June 30.

    It is highly recommended that you renew your license online. If you don’t have access to a computer, or need additional assistance, please call or come into the office. We have a computer in the office for licensee use to renew online.

    Annual Supervision Reporting Forms for Psychological Examiners


    ​All Psychological Examiners must submit an Annual Supervision Report, due by June 30.

    The licensed Psychological Examiners who are engaged in those professional activities that, by law, require supervision must detail the types of activities in which the supervisee is engaged.

    Refer to Arkansas Psychology Board Rules and Regulations, 2009, §6.3. B. (1). If you have Independent status and received any supervision between July 1 and the date you were granted Independent status, you must submit an Annual Supervision Report form.