I. Renewals for 2020 – 2021

  • The 20-21 Renewal period ended Tuesday, June 30, 2020.
  • If you have not renewed, your license status is now expired.
  • Licensees may renew online during the three-year grace period.
  • $100 renewal late fee for each year of expiration will be added to all renewals.
  • Letter to Licensees | READ NOW

II. AR Department of Health Call for Volunteers CONTACT US TO VOLUNTEER

  • Due to the health crisis in our state, the Arkansas Department of Health is seeking volunteers to help in any capacity.
  • When you email us, include your name, address/location, phone number, license number.

III. Arkansas Psychology Board Rules Revisions 2019:

  • Strike-out Version of 2020 Rules | DOWNLOAD
  • Clean Version of 2020 Rules in effect July 3, 2020 | DOWNLOAD

IV. COVID-19 Emergency

  • Emergency Telepsychology Rule
  • Statement of Intent (SOI) to practice Telepsychology: for 120 days from 3/20/20, expiring on July 18, licensees will not be required to submit a new SOI. Licensees shall be in compliance with APA Tele-psychology Guidelines; Arkansas Telemedicine Act, HIPPA, and any other rules, statutes, or orders pursuant to the practice of psychology.
  • To add Telepsychology to your Statement of Intent, complete this form | DOWNLOAD
  • APA Guidelines on Telepsychology | VIEW
  • AR Department of Health COVID-19 Guidelines for Psychologists
  • AR Department of Health COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines for Psychologists
  • The requirement for a minimum of one hour per week of in face supervision can now be performed via electronic supervision pursuant to 6.2. C. (1) of Rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Arkansas Psychology Board recognizes completion of an APA accredited internship program as meeting the requirement for completion of the required internship year. (see 2009 Rules and Regulations 5.4. F. (1)).

UPDATED 7.1.2020

Welcome to the Arkansas Psychology Board

The Arkansas Psychology Board was created by Act 129 of 1955 to regulate the practice of Psychology in the State of Arkansas. The major responsibility of the Arkansas Psychology Board is to ensure that the citizens of Arkansas are protected from misrepresentation, unethical practice, and/or incompetence in the practice of psychology.

Therefore, in order to protect the citizens of Arkansas, the Board must approve the credentials of all applicants, schedule written examinations, and administer oral examinations. In addition, the Board investigates all allegations of possible ethical violations including but not limited to misrepresentation, unethical practice, and/or incompetence.



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